Catholic Architectural Guild

Catholic Architectural Guild is a lay apostolate that consists of Catholics in the Architectural industry under the guidance of the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore.

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February 20, 2022

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October 4, 2021By Michael Tan

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CAG Annual General Meeting

Physical meeting with the members of Catholic Architectural Guild

April 19, 2022

Church of Saint Mary of the Angels

Appreciation of church architecture tour by Fr. John Paul Tan

July 2022 (TBC)

What We Do

To advocate Catholic values, social teaching and promote industry best practices in the procurement of consultants, architectural design and building contracts on church owned or related development projects
To support members in finding their vocation in the profession by living their faith in their work and at the workplace, in particular in the areas of design, management of project and work relationships, ethical and professional issues
To promote greater understanding of our faith with deeper appreciation of Catholic Church architecture and its role in supporting the liturgical celebration
To facilitate the efforts of architectural and related professionals in sustainable developments and humanitarian projects for communities in need

Catholic Architectural Guild is formed by like-minded, God-loving disciples who wish to embark on a journey that amalgamates our professional vocation with our faith. We would like to invite Catholic Architectural professionals to join us and use our gifts to help build the Kingdom of God